Monday, January 4, 2016

The Avalone' (or the Elves)

The Avalone', or Elves, as they are called in the Common Speech, are the oldest of the races of Rysanthis.

It is futile to attempt to trace their beginnings, but they ruled the world for time immemorial until the appearance of the Jennerak.

Diminutive and graceful, they have the aspect of fair youths of man and womankind, except for their ageless eyes and wise countenances, which have an eternal quality. They were always powerful magic users, though they have no use for books or scrolls; their magic was of a natural sort. The warriors of Avalone' were no less fierce in physical valour--they wore no metal armour but carried sharp long swords and knives and had a rapport with the sylvan animals whom they would summon into battle.

A few could be capricious, exchanging faery children for human infants whom they stole away to raise in their magical realms, but most were benevolent towards humans if shown respect.

It was the Avalone' who taught the Jennerak some enchantment and their great craftsmanship. When the Jennerak eclipsed them in Rysanthis, the Elves cared not a little, content as they were to dwell in forest, hill and dell with Nature, but they were honoured by Men.

When the Dragons arose and laid waste to the world, the Avalone' were valiant and rose for war, but seeing the Kingdoms of Men willingly capitulate to the Serpent's Reign, the Elves turned their back upon this world and left Rysanthis in long wooden ships they sailed across the waves to parts unknown.

Those who loved this world too much, though, remained behind, earning them the name of the Lost Children. With the departure of their highest kin, the Lost Children diminished in power, and at this day, there are Men who doubt that any Elf dwells yet in Rysanthis. Where people still believe in them, they are feared as forest sprites.

Far off the coasts of Eastern Rysanthis, though, there is said to be an ancient Island called Avalone, where once the highest of the faery Lords maintained a great kingdom. Some say it is a myth only, but sailors tell of a wild sea pulsing with magic and a fury not of this natural world...they whisper that the magic of the Avalone' roil the waters round about this Isle, so that none may land upon that shore but they who are welcome.

The wise say that the Avalone left behind watchers upon Avalon who will return and help Rysanthis rise to new days of hope and glory.

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